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Afro Peruvian New Trends Orquestra
Artistic Director: Corina Bartra

Congratulations Corina, on behalf of Music Resource Group and the distinguished judging panelists, it is our pleasure to announce that Corina Bartra has been Nominated in the Jazz Instrumental Song Category for in The 15th Annual Independent Music Awards!

A Rich Musical Legacy CORINA BARTRA has always been known for her exciting original compositions, as well as her interpretations of a wide array of Afro – Peruvian music (which she has pioneered) and the song of other cultures of the African diaspora. She also always surrounded herself with the best musicians, both in her native Peru and her adopted New York City. Now, with her latest project, she gets fantastic performances from this talented musicians as they are featured on orchestrated compositions of Corina’s originals. Corina is the foremost expert on Afro – Peruvian music blended with jazz and that is very much in evidence in these selections, but the music here also features other African – influenced music as it has been manifested in other South American countries. But all of them are evidence of Corina’s magical musical spirit, as she journeys among the many rhythms of Afro – Peruvian and Pan American music she knows and loves. Just about all of the compositions here are originals, and you will enjoy the tremendous arrangement and skills her musicians show on works like “Yambambo”, “Guajira Son” and “Warriors of the Sun”. Thes originals are the reverberations of the music Corina Bartra has heard and loved and created during her many years as a musician. It is a rich legacy she and her orchestra collaborate on this beautifully produced pieces. – MARK FOGARTY.

CORINA BARTRA is the Artistic Director of the AFRO PERUVIAN NEW TRENDS ORCHESTRA. Bartra wrote 10 of the 12 tracks [67:45] on UNITING BEATS [Bluespiral cd 12] and they are multi-rhythmic and multi-dimensional and make for rather compelling listening. This is not world jazz, other than the use of Latin rhythms, but it is a heavily orchestrated 10/12 piece jazz band. Some very fine writing whose charts should be used by other bands. I suspect Bartra is the pianist, it is uncredited but there is a fluency with the music that suggests it. A release that deserves not to be lost in the avalanche.
Cadence Magazine - Robert D. Rusch- PAPATAMUS October-December 2016

Afro Peruvian New Trends Orchestra (November issue of the Los Angeles Jazz Scene)
Uniting Beats
Corina Bartra is best known as a fine singer who blends together Peruvian rhythms and melodies with creative jazz to create Afro-Peruvian music. Uniting Beats however is something much different than expected. Uniting Beats features Corina Bartra the composer and arranger rather than the singer. She utilizes different lineups on her two sessions (only three musicians are on both) with six or seven horns in the top-notch 10-11 bands. They perform a dozen songs, ten of which she wrote. Going from straight ahead (including a swinging run through over the "Impressions" chord changes) to danceable South and Latin American rhythms, the modern and adventurous music is consistently colorful and lively. Some of the free-wheeling ensembles hint at the Mingus Big Band while others have tighter charts that put a greater focus on her themes. The musicians are top-notch and the soloists are uniformly excellent and passionate although a solo identification should have been included so one could determine who
takes honors! The spirited ensembles, stirring rhythms and high-quality writing make Uniting Beats (available from a memorable listening experience.
L.A. Jazz Scene- Scott Yanow


Instrumental Project of Corina Bartra / Proyecto Instrumental de Corina Bartra

Un Rico Legado Musical CORINA BARTRA es conocida por sus composiciones originales, asi como sus interpretaciones de una vasta selección de música Afro – Peruana, de la cual es pionera, y canciones de otras culturas de la diaspora Africana. Siempre se ha rodeado de los mejores músicos, en los países que han marcado su vida, Perú y Estados Unidos. Con su nuevo proyecto “Ritmos que Unen” nos presenta nuevas composiciones y arreglos instrumentals que nos acercan y unen como un lenguaje universal. Corina es expert en música Afro – Peruana fusionada con el Jazz, lo cual se demuestra en esta selección, pero además, la música aqui tambien representa otras influencias musicales africanas asi como otras manifestaciones de otras culturas Latinoamericanas. Pero todas ellas son evidencia del espíritu mágico de Corina en su viaje entre muchos de los ritmos Afro – Peruanos y Panamericanos que tanto ama. Casi todas las composiciones aqui son propias, y usted disfrutará de los tremendous arreglos y habilidades que sus músicos muestran en trabajos como “Yambambo”, “Guajira Son”, y “Warriors of the Sun”. Estas composiciones son fruto de la música que Corina Bartra ha escuchado, amado y creado durante sus muchos años como músico y compositora. Este es un rico legado que ella y su orquesta ofrecen en estas piezas hermosamente producidas. - MARK FOGARTY.

Corina Bartra es la directora artistica de la Orquesta Afro Peruana y nuevas Corrientes. Bartra escribió 10 de los 12 tracks en UNITING BEATS ( Bluespiral cd 12) y son multi-ritmicos y multi dimensionales e invitan a un escuchar profundo. Esto no es jazz del mundo, sino el uso de ritmos latinos, pero es un trabajo densamente orquestado de una banda de jazz de 10/12 musicos. Una muy fina escritura cuyos charts debieran ser tocados por muchas orquestas. Hay una fluencia que sugiriese que Corina es pianista. Un CD que no debería perderse en la avalancha.
Cadence Magazine - Robert D. Rusch- PAPATAMUS October-December 2016

Orquesta Afro Peruana y nuevas corrientes Latina
Ritmos que Unen
Corina Bartra es mejor conocida como una fina cantante que junta ritmos Peruanos y melodías con jazz creativo para crear music Afro Peruana. Ritmos que unen es algo muy diferente que lo esperado. Ritmos que unen realza a Corina Bartra como compositora y arreglista. Ella utiliza 6 o 7 vientos de primera categoría en sus dos sesiones. Ellos tocan una docena de temas, 10 de las que ella escribió. Van the swing a ritmos dancables del Sur y Latino America. La musica moderna y aventurera es consistentemente colorida y vivaz. Algunos tratamientos son reminicentes de la big band de Mingus. Los musicos son de primera categoría y los solistas son uniformemente excelente y apasionados. La identificación de los solistas ha podido ser incluida para determinar quien toma honores. Las bandas son de gran espíritu, ritmosque mueven y escritura de alta calidad.
L.A. Jazz Scene- Scot Yanow



Muestra de "El Dorado"

Muestra de "Guajira Son"

Muestra de "A Saca Camote con el Pie"

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Corina Bartra Come on and Dance


Corina Bartra A Saca Camote con el Pie