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Corina Bartra & Her Orchestra

Corina Bartra & Her Orchestra. Ever on the lookout for new ways to express her musical ideal, Corina Bartra has now turned to the big band sound to articulate her spacious musical vision, resultingin this exciting and passionate CD. Marrying the exquisite rhythms of Afro-Peruvian jazz with the equally exquisite rhythms of Afro-American jazz, Corina as always has teamed with the best musicians around and the results are a delicious blur of boundaries and modalities. These fervent recordings swing with the joy of musical collaboration and creation. Voices shout and chant in the background, and the rambunctious horns celebrate life lived to the fullest. She also reaches out for new rhythms, like Brazilian, reggae ("More Than You Can Afford") and Cuban ("MoliendoCafe," Guajira Son"). Savor! -MARK FOGARTY


Septet, August - 2017


Sample of "Guajira Son"


She gives College performances and clinics to Universities around the country


Recent Concerts 2017

Corina Bartra Sextet @ Berlin. October 2017


Corina Bartra Septet @ Jazz Zone, Lima - Perú. August 2017


Corina Bartra @ Kennedy Center. Washington August 2017



Corina Bartra Azu Project (Afro-Peruvian & Creole-Afro Jazz )

This CD includes recordings Corina did in Peru with some of the musicians she has worked for the last 9 years and tracks she recorded here in New York with top notch players she has performed and recorded with these past years.Afro-Peruvian rhythms and jazz. Spanish and English lyrics. Music from North America and South America. Originals and classics. Corina Bartra’s restless exploration of diverse musical idioms and locales over many years has now evolved beyond study and mastery of these forms into something new, in her fifth CD. To a celebration that synthesizes all she has learned from a lifelong engagement with the music she loves. Afro Peruvian Jazz Celebration embraces the driving rhythms of South American music—the lando, the festejo, the baiao—and links them with the ballads and standards of American jazz to make a joyous combination of the indigenous music of her native Peru and her adopted New York City. This celebration draws you right into the swirling movement of joyous music. Revel in the Peruvian moment with incessantly swinging tunes like “No Valentin” and “Chacombo.” Then switch to jazz standard like “Stella by Starlight” or Corina’s own originals, “You Took Me by Surprise” and “I Won’t Regret a Moment.” Afro Peruvian Jazz Celebration was a pick of Fox News Entertainment. As with her previous Afro-Peruvian jazz CDs—Corina Bartra Quartet, Travel Log, Son Zumbon, and Bambu Sun, Corina has assembled a world-class set of musicians from both Peru and New York (including Cliff Korman, piano, Vince Cherico, drums, and Perico Diaz, cajon) whose virtuoso talent and infectious enthusiasm turn this spectacular music into a celebration of life, love and eternal rhythm.--MARK FOGARTY, author of WENT TO SEE THE GYPSY

Tribute to Chabuca Granda (Homenaje a Chabuca Granda) CD

Corina pays tribute to Chabuca Granda, a Peruvian icon of popular music.




Afro Peruvian and new trend Orquestra

The pioneering, multi-project artist is launching an instrumental project featuring her compositions,arrangements and guest composers.


Sample of "A Saca Camote con el Pie"


Sample of "Tun Tun"


Sample of "No Valentin"



A sophisticated jazz and contemporary world singer from Peru? -Yes, Peru. In the last 100 years jazz has spread to every section of the globe, bringing forth fine Latin jazz musicians from New York, Cuba and Brazil. And if you haven't already heard about her, Corina Bartra from Peru.... Corina was the first vocalist to blend Afro Peruvian and criolla music & Jazz. She also pioneered subtle and exciting instrumental textures in her compositions and her arrangements. She writes extensive intros, interludes, and solos filled with inventive rhythms and beautiful harmonies. She also guides her musicians to do so. With this approach, she adds an instrumental section to her unique & historic projects. Corina Bartra has degrees in jazz percussion from (name schools) and a Master in vocal performance. Like so many jazz masters before her, Corina Bartra residesin the New York area (when she is not in Peru) where she not only plays but can study the works of all those artists who came before her, building the international sound of jazz to what it istoday. And making her award - Corina was the recipient of the prestigious Queens Council on the Arts award in 2008. Her vocal winner Bambu Sun stand apart from the crowd. Her music has frequent airplay nationwide and topped the charts in some radio stations. She also got ear play in Europe and Peru were she is an influential artist. In her new BAMBU SUN she once again dives into the Afro Peruvian sonorities and other Latin undercurrents. She has pioneered a groundbreaking fusion of jazz and afro Latin music with her releases: CORINA BARTRA QUARTET, Son Zumbon, and Travelog, when for the first time one could hear the incorporation of the cajon (Peruvian percussive box) and the festejo groove blended with jazz.

In her CD: Cielo Sandunguero ( Sandunguero Sky) she explores innovative new big band ideas accompanying her singing. Sandunguero Sky was number 1 in the Canada charts and also some charts in the U.S.
In her Tribute to Chabuca Granda CD she gathered raving reviews by Inside Jazz Magazine, L.A. Jazz Scene by Scott Yanow and Water babies.
Her most recent CD “ United Beats” performed by the Afro Peruvian New Trends Orquestra is an instrumental CD featuring her compositions, arrangements inspired in her previous ensembles. One can’t predict this artist musical endeavors who continuously surprises us.

Corina Bartra was invited to sing to the gala of the Latin Grammy Acoustic Session in October 8, 2015 in the city of New York in recognition of her great artistic quality.

Her composition "El Dorado" was nominated for Independant Music Award.



Corina Bartra @ Azu Project. Afro Peruvian Jazz Celebration (Blue Spiral Music.) vocalist Corina Bartra achieves this and a lot more. Batra has a bold voice and commanding presence. She sings without sentimentality and often ends lines with a rising intensity and a slight quiver. This is characteristic of storytellers – griots – who often deliberately eschew concert hall finesse in favor of the high emotion of narrative and the brutal honestry of truth “You Don’t Know What Love Is” is so stunning that it takes the breath away. Bartra has also written two originals in English: “You Took Me By Surprise” and “I Don’t Regret A Moment.” These two tracks provide the best look at the personality of this wonderful singer. Latin Jazz Network- Raul da Gama, Oct 16, 2019.

Takunde There are the famous Bridge over Troubled Waters by Paul Simon and Black Narcissus by Joe Henderson along with traditional Peruvian songs, the leader and El Tamalito that opens the album of Costarican composer Andres Soto. They are good technical performances that, with their Latin rhythms, are in a good mood. Music Zoom_ October 2017 By Vittorio Lo Conte.

Music that makes you want to move, dance and hum along with the melodies. Corina Bartra is a human bird whose phrasing and vocal gymnastics explore her wonderful vocal range and presentation. On her original composition, “Ecstasy Green” she shows off her minor chordal tones and lets her soprano notes dance atop the music, like flags waving in the breeze. This is followed by her rendition of “Bridge Over Trouble Waters” sung in English, but colored by unexpected Musical Memoirs Word Press, 2017 By Dee Dee Mc Neil. Contemporary Fusion Reviews.

Corina Bartra sultry Latin jazz vocals Corina Bartra – Takunde. superb arrangements and creativity. Corina sings this one with the kind of passion you’d expect from a top-caliber artist who is able to cover many genres through her animated style and knowledge of “how the music should sound”.  Splendid solos from the other players as well! The 4:17 “Baila y Goza” will have you up with your dancin’ shoes on (even if they’re only sneakers, lol); which goes right with the translated title “Dance and Enjoy”… yet another superbly crafted original from Ms. Bartra… I just LOVE this piece, and have no doubt you will, too.

CORINA BARTRA / Takunde: Keeping it real, this Afro Peruvian jazz vocalist doesn’t go for the frippery when she can enchantingly keep you riveted to stuff that comes from her heart or close to it. Wily world beat sounds that are tailor made for the armchair traveler, when all the elements come together in such tasty fashion like they do here, you have a killer set for kicking back and enjoying as you slip into an aura of ease. A fun trip throughout.   CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher


Special Honors

A Grant from the American Embassy for Corina Bartra & Azu to perform in Peru
A Grant from the Carnegie Foundation to perform in public libraries throughout New York City
Special guest performer for the Peruvian Ambassador to United Nations
Dean's Listed (Mannes College) and Honors Graduate (L.I. University)
A Music Performance Grant from the Queen's Council of the Arts Foundation


Masters of Arts in Vocal Performance - Queens College, New York City
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drums) - Long Island University in New York
Jazz Diploma - Mannes College of Music, New York City
North Indian Classical Music with (bansuri & vocals)
North Indian Classical Music Pargat Singh (vocals)


“Corina Bartra, pioneer & Afro Peruvian Jazz World Ambassador“
--El Comercio, Lima, Peru 2009
"Bartra is influenced by Afro-Peruvian music, American Jazz, and the scatting of Tania Maria"
--Marcela Breton, Jazz Times
"Finding an Hispanic-American singer who is worthwhile in these apocalyptic times is like finding a needle in a haystack. This is why we are grateful for Corina Bartra, an exceptional singer from Peru."
--Latin Beat
"This new album by singer Corina Bartra is far-out, even among jazz aficionados. Bartra seems to have captured virtually every avant-garde style imaginable and put them to the test ... the music here has a commanding, cohesive sound ... the cuts are noteworthy for their inventiveness."
--New York Daily News
"Corina Bartra is a very intriguing singer. On Son Zumbon ... the music utilizes tricky rhythms, the leader's haunting voice, and plenty of short solos. There is no lack on intensity in this program."
--Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene
"Son Zumbon" that's intellectually stimulating but still keeps the toes tapping most of the time". "Her interpretation of Jimmy Hendrix's Little Wing is celestial."
“On "Bambu Sun": "Corina Bartra is an expert at blending together Afro-Peruvian music and post-bop jazz. Actually when she sings,it does not sound like a mixture of idioms but a very natural style."
--Scott Yanow,L.A. Jazz Scene


Another Reason To Celebrate by Elzy Kolb
International inspiration

Singer Corina Bartra feels right at home dividing her time between Peru, Europe and New York, and she draws her musical influences from an even broader spectrum. She’s immersed herself in Brazilian, Cuban and African rhythms, and studied instruments including harmonium, tambura, and drums such as dumbeck and djembe. Her musical training, interests and inspirations range from contemporary classical composers like Stockhausen to North Indian classical and devotional music to Peruvian criollo. And, of course, jazz. Across the genres, “There’s a lot of improvisation—that’s the part I liked, and also the part I like about jazz.”
Corina discovered jazz as a child when she visited her grandfather who lived in the Peruvian rainforest. She recalls him relaxing in a hammock or playing poker, while blasting beloved records by Count Basie, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk. Her first experience was performing with local musicians in Peru; later she studied in New York at Queens College, Long Island University and Mannes School of Music, and outside the classroom with pianist Kirk Lightsey, bassist Santi Debriano and drummers Cliff Barbaro and Steve Berrios.
“I have been lucky to work with and learn from masters,” Corina says. “Music is something you don’t stop learning. You discover new things, make new discoveries in things you’ve performed for a while—sometimes getting a full sense of the meaning of the words. Music is full of discovery and challenges.”
As a leader, Corina has released more than a dozen recordings, including her most recent CD, 2017’s Takunde. “The jazz that I do is blended with world music,” Corina points out, noting that her eclectic repertoire includes Jobim covers, originals, her own arrangements of classic compositions like Joe Henderson’s “Black Narcissus” and her Peruvian-rhythm version of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” traditional Afro-Peruvian tunes, as well as a Peruvian style of dance music known as “la marinara.”
Corina, who has fronted ensembles from quartets to mini big bands, is in Manhattan May 19, appearing with her septet at Metro Baptist Church. She notes that she prefers performing in venues such as theaters, festivals and churches as an alternative to clubs. Her band for the occasion includes longtime collaborators saxophonist Dave Morgan, guitarist Tony Romano, drummer Diego Lopez, cajon player Perico Diaz, pianist Steve Sandberg and bassist Victor Murillo. Besides taking a deep dive into music from her CDs new and old, she’s likely to feature some new compositions and more.

Selected Performance History

The United Nations, New York City
Birdland, New York CityCapitol Jazz Festival, Jefferson City, MoAlice Tully Hall - Lincoln Center, New York City
The Women In Jazz Festival, New York City
Brooks Museum, MemphisNuyorican's Poet's Cafe, New York CityClub El Coco Drilo Verde - Peru
Several Outdoor Park Performances, New York CityPassaic College, New JerseyTemple Bar, L.A., California
Town Hall Auditorium, New York
Special Kirtans (Workshops Of Sacred Indian Music)
Selected Yoga Centers In Manhattan
Teatro Municipal de Lima y Cusco - Peru
Runawasi - Peru
Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.
"Guajira Son"By Corina Bartra Featured At Www.Cavemancrib.Com (Non-Exclusive Licensing)
Kunstfabrik Schlot in Berlin, GermanySt Germain Des Press in Paris, FranceGoldbeck Hous in Hamburg, Germany


Takunde, 2017

Takunde, 2017

Muestra de "Ecstasy Green (TAKUNDE)"

Muestra de "Black Narcissus (TAKUNDE)"

Muestra de "El Guaranguito (TAKUNDE)"


Corina Bartra in Concert


No Valentin Con Arturo o' Farril



A saca Camote con el Pie


Stella By Starlight



Corina Bartra @ Regatas Club -2015