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Cielo Sandunguero

New CD
Corina Bartra & her Azu Project - Tribute to Chabuca Granda
Corina Bartra y su Proyecto Azu - Tributo a Chabuca Granda

Salute to An Icon
Liner Notes for A Celebration of Chabuca Granda by Corina Bartra
By Mark Fogarty

In Peru, Chabuca Granda is a national treasure, and a statue in Lima remembers her popular, pioneering, and poetic music. And now Afro-Peruvian jazz pioneer Corina Bartra is adding to Granda’s laurels and her own with this delightful and affectionate collection of many of her greatest songs.
Corina Bartra has returned to Granda’s thrilling music throughout her career, recording Granda songs on three of her CDs, Afro-Peruvian Jazz Celebration, Son Zumbon, Bambu Sun, ( Sol Bambú) and Cielo Sandunguero (Sandunguero Sky). Now, she completes the cycle by recording a new suite of eight Granda originals and matching them with her earlier Granda versions.

Saludos a un Ícono
Una Celebración a Chabuca Granda por Corina Bartra
Por Mark Fogarty
En Perú, Chabuca Granda es un Tesoro nacional, y una estatua en Lima recuerda su música popular. Pionera y poética. Ahora, una pionera de Jazz Afro Peruano, incluye a los laureles de Chabuca y a los suyos con esta colección maravillosa de muchas grandes canciones de Chabuca.
Corina Bartra ha vuelto a la música de Chabuca Granda a través de su carrera, grabando canciones de ella en cuatro de sus CDs, Celebración del Jazz Afro Peruano, Son Zumbón, Bambú Sun ( Sol Bambú), y Cielo Sandunguero ( Sandunguero Sky). Ahora, ella completa el ciclo grabando una nueva suite con ocho canciones de Granda e incluyendo igualmente 5 versiones anteriores de las canciones de Chabuca.


Cielo Sandunguero

Corina Bartra & Her Orchestra

Ever on the lookout for new ways to express her musical ideal, Corina Bartra has now turned to the big band sound to articulate her spacious musical vision, resulting in this exciting and passionate CD. Marrying the exquisite rhythms of Afro-Peruvian jazz with the equally exquisite rhythms of Afro-American jazz, Corina as always has teamed with the best musicians around and the results are a delicious blur of boundaries and modalities. These fervent recordings swing with the joy of musical collaboration and creation. Voices shout and chant in the background, and the rambunctious horns celebrate life lived to the fullest. She also reaches out for new rhythms, like Brazilian, reggae ("More Than You Can Afford") and Cuban ("Moliendo Cafe," Guajira Son"). Savor!


Listen to selected MP3's of Corina Bartra & her orchestra

1.Moliendo Cafe

2.More than you can Afford
Original Pop-Raggae

3.Night and Day
Classic Jazz Standard in a contemporary Brazilan music & jazz arrangement

4.No Valentin
Ground breaking fusion of Jazz and Afro Peruvian music.

5.Warriors of the Sun
groun breaking Peruvian andean & jazz

Corina Bartra: Afro Peruvian Jazz Celebration

This CD includes recordings Corina did in Peru with some of the musicians she has worked for the last 9 years and tracks she recorded here in New York with top-notch players she has performed and recorded with these past years.
Afro-Peruvian rhythms and jazz. Spanish and English lyrics. Music from North America and South America. Originals and classics. Corina Bartra’s restless exploration of diverse musical idioms and locales over many years has now evolved beyond study and mastery of these forms into something new, in her fifth CD. To a celebration that synthesizes all she has learned from a lifelong engagement with the music she loves. Afro Peruvian Jazz Celebration embraces the driving rhythms of South American music—the lando, the festejo, the baiao—and links them with the ballads and standards of American jazz to make a joyous combination of the indigenous music of her native Peru and her adopted New York City. This celebration draws you right into the swirling movement of joyous music. Revel in the Peruvian moment with incessantly swinging tunes like “No Valentin” and “Chacombo.” Then switch to jazz standard like “Stella by Starlight” or Corina’s own originals, “You Took Me by Surprise” and “I Won’t Regret a Moment.” As with her previous Afro-Peruvian jazz CDs—Corina Bartra Quartet, Travel Log, Son Zumbon, and Bambu Sun, Corina has assembled a world-class set of musicians from both Peru and New York (including Cliff Korman, piano, Vince Cherico, drums, and Perico Diaz, cajon) whose virtuoso talent and infectious enthusiasm turn this spectacular music into a celebration of life, love and eternal rhythm.



Listen to selected MP3's of Afro Peruvian Jazz Celebration

La Flor de la Canela
ground breaking fusion of Jazz and Peruvian Coastal music.

Ground breaking fusion of Jazz and Afro Peruvian music.

You Don't Know what Love is
Classic Jazz Standard in a contemporary Afro Peruvian arrangement.

You Took me by Surprise
Corina's original with Afro Peruvian grooves. Instrumental & vocal.


Corina Bartra: Bambu Sun

Corina Bartra new CD represents a look both back and forward in musical direction. The new album is both a return to the Peruvian artist Afro-Peruvian jazz roots after two wonderful chanting/meditation records, and a look forward to joyful and rewarding musical days ahead.

Bambu Sun reflects a bright and joyous spirit that consolidates the artist pioneering incorporation of Afro-Peruvian and New Latin undercurrents into her own personal creation. Fans of Corina previous jazz CDs, Corina Bartra Quartet, Son Zumbon and Travel Log, will find she has even revisited a couple of the key songs on those records, holding them up to the light of a Bambu sun to find new meanings. It is great to hear Peace Loving People Are on the Rise and its timeless message in a new version.

As always, Corina fronts top-rate musicians like Rufus Reid, Jay Rodriguez, Cliff Corman and Vince Cherico, and their support of her mix of originals (like uajira Son and ol Azabache and covers (Wayne Shorter, Lennon/McCartney) is outstanding. Listen hard and you can hear a lot of things on Bambu Sun: bits of bebop, the complicated rhythms of Peru, energetic male voices on choruses or just exclaiming behind the music (the recording sessions must have been fun). It is really impressive and also the first time to hear in a jazz recording two cajon players playing counterpoint rhythms together on ajoral.
Let hope there is nothing but bambu sun for this engaging artist from now on!


Listen to Selected MP3's of Bambu Sun:

Afro Peruvian Folk Song
Ground breaking fusion of jazz and Afro Peruvian music.

Guajira Son
One of Corina's original compositions with a cha-cha groove.

Peace Loving People are on the rise
Soulfull ballad Corina wrote to inspire world peace.


CD cover

Corina Bartra: Son Zumbon

Afroperuvian music is how Corina Bartra describes the kind of music she makes. Actually, I think there's more to it than that- a cross cultural mix of American jazz, traditional Peruvian song, African rhythm, and more performed with passion and assuredness by a very strong ensemble of musicians.

Corina Bartra, a native of Peru living in NY City, has released her new CD SON ZUMBON bringing to fruition many years of musical study and collaboration that make her strong singing seem effortless and pure. This music flies right through the head, down through the heart and lifts the spirit. Mark Fogarty summed it up this way:

Spanish and English, Latin and American, African and Peruvian with blues and jazz thrown in these songs are a potent and poignant mix of heart and mind and soul, and a big step forward for Corina Bartra.

I'm thrilled that I'm able to offer you a chance to purchase this rare CD featuring some of the most exciting music I've heard in a long time and I strongly urge you to listen in!


Latino Blues
This original song by Ms. Bartra is sung includes English lyrics and is just what the title says it is if you can imagine that!

Green Dolphin Street
I love the way this track is performed on this CD- fresh air for an old standard

This track is a blend of two Festejos and features some very unusual Afroperuvian rhythms- really marvelous and magical!




Corina Bartra: Yambambo

Pioneer of Afro Peruvian Jazz, first CD recorded at New York 1985.
Corina Bartra was the first vocalist to fusion both Afro Peruvian and Jazz generes

Pionero en Musica Jazz Afro Peruana. Primer Cd grabado en Nueva York 1985.
Corina Bartra fue la primera vocalista en fusionar ambas corrientes (Jazz y Afro Peruano)

























Cielo Sandunguero

- Fox News Entertainment 2009 - Corina Bartra & Her Azu Project:
Best Cd Pick of July 25 week, 2009 of Fox News Entertainment.
Mejor Cd de la semana, jueves 25 de Julio 2009 - Fox News Entertainment.














- Latin Beat (October issue 1999):
"In these apocaliptic times, finding an Hispano-American singer who is worthwile is like finding a needle in a haystack. This is why we are grateful for Corina Bartra, an exceptional singer from Peru."

- Jazz Times:
"Bartra is influenced by Afro-Peruvian music, American Jazz, and the scatting of Tania Maria." - Jerome Wilson, Cadence Magazine
"There is a slight resemblance to Flora Purim but Bartra's work is tighter and has more melody. This is exccellent Afro-Latin music."

-Mark Holston, Latina Style:
"Bartra's expressive voice flirts with avant-garde techniques whiles she fashions an adventurous program built on exotic, seldom heard AfroPeruvian rhythms."    

Corina Bartra Quartet -
New Edition

Selected MP3s of
Corina Bartra Quartet:

Come On And Dance - nice opening song written by Corina and makes me want to do just what she says.

The Midnight Sun - Unique and laid back interpretation of a classical jazz standard.


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Corina Bartra is a remarkable musician. A native of Peru living in NY City, she has an extraordinary range and an almost restless musical ability to incorporate exotic traditions into her own unique music.

I'm fortunate to have a copy of an earlier recording she made Son Zumbon featuring a heady mix of African, traditional Peruvian and American jazz that felt like a fresh, reviving wind and is one of the more unusual "world" recordings around.

Recently I received two more CDs that truly surprised me and are vastly different from each other. Instead of following the path set in Son Zumbon, Corina Bartra spreads her musical wings to encompass a whole new world.

The Quartet CD features several jazz standards expertly performed by Corina's quartet and includes many originals that range from a pop latin dance number to the humorous Boring Blob. These musicians have been playing together for several years and it shows. I expect this earlier produced recording is closer to the kind of music Corina performs at her many NY City club dates.

The newer Trave Log CD is an altogether different story. Here we have Corina Bartra exploring the voice- ancient singing techniques to modern jazz and putting altogether in a brand new way. The tracks feature an extraordinary mix of styles fashioning a brand new world that is wild and mesmerizing.

Please take some time to listen to these musical offerings from this most gifted and unprecedented musician.

Corina Bartra Travel Log

Selected MP3s of Travel Log:

Rythm of Life Sets the stage for a rhythmic journey.

Aruhe Scatting away, this song shines like the sun and waves on a beautiful day.

Kacharpari Magical flute begs you to follow.

Little Wing"Bartra's intrepreation of Jimmie Hendricks Little Wing is celestial" (Voodoo Child magazine)


Samples of Original Songs & Arrangements

Click song titles to purchase in iTunes

No Valentín  El Dorado
Blackbird Latino Blues
Camarón Canterurías
On Green Dolphin Street A Saca Camote con el Pie
Bailan todas las Razas Osiris
Sol Azabache Peace Loving People are on the Rise
Magia y Ritmo Ancestral Yambambo
I wont Regret a Moment Guajira Són
You took my by Surprise