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Corina Bartra is a sophisticated jazz and contemporary world singer from Peru. -Yes, Peru. In the last 100 years jazz has spread to every section of the globe, bringing forth fine Latin jazz musicians from New York, Cuba and Brazil

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Takundé – 2017
Muestra de «Ecstasy Green» (TAKUNDE)
Muestra de «Black Narcissus» (TAKUNDE)
Muestra del «Guaranguito» (TAKUNDE)

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Kennedy Center
«No Valentin» with Chico O’Farrill Orchestra

Quotes & Reviews

Corina Bartra, pioneer & Afro Peruvian Jazz World Ambassador. El Comercio, Lima, Peru 2009
Fidel Gutierrez

Fidel Gutierrez

El Peruano. Lima - Perú 2015

"To her pioneering mixes of Jazz and Afro Peruvian Rhythms, Corina Bartra, adds sporadicaally, musical incursions impregnated with spirituality and a Cosmopolitan vibe. The most recent is an exploration of mystical traditions of cultures belonging to dicerse continents."

Vittorio Lo Conte

Vittorio Lo Conte

Music Zoom, October 2017

Takunde - There are the famous Bridge over Troubled Waters by Paul Simon and Black Narcissus by Joe Henderson along with traditional Peruvian songs, the leader and El Tamalito that opens the album of Costarican composer Andres Soto. They are good technical performances that, with their Latin rhythms, are in a good mood

Carmen Amado

Carmen Amado

Noviembre 2017 – Hispano, New Jersey

“Es considerada la voz peruana más importante del jazz latino contemporáneo, pues ha sido nominada a importantes premios internacionales como el Independant Music Award por su canción “El Dorado” en Manhattan (USA) el 2016 "